Dark rainbow sky

Dark rainbow sky

I should post more about when the world delights me. Today it delighted me in the most wonderful way.

I decided on a whim to walk from work to the nearest shopping centre. It’s not far, a couple of blocks through the industrial section of town. There’s no footpath, so it’s not the most fun walk (especially with all the mud right now!) but I wanted to go to the supermarket before I headed home. I’d also be able to catch a bus from the shops back home. I’m a stingy bastard, so the idea of paying $2 rather than $20 was extremely attractive.

Off I went, headphones in. I must look proper crazy when I’m walking, because I give zero shits about what the drivers around me see. I walk in time to whatever music I’m listening to, stomp with the down beat, and my hands? Well–my hands are busy directing an invisible band. Am I mouthing the words in the most ridiculous and over-the-top way? You bloody bet I am.

Started with a little AWOLNATION (Burn It Down) and then into The Rocket Summer (Brat Pack). By the end of that song, the first drops of rain were falling on my head.

I love moments that have a sense of drama. Not actual dramatic moments, because those are threatening and scary and intense and please make them stop–but moments that you might find in a movie. Given that I’m already enacting my own music video, the rain just made it perfect.

Cue Elton John (Believe). Now this song has tonnes of drama. It’s perfect rainy walking music. It’s perfect dramatic lip-syncing music. And it has an epic backing that makes for fantastic hand gestures. I went for it.

The rain went from a little to a lot all at once. By the time I reached the highway across from the shops, I was drenched from head to toe. Grinning. Standing at the pedestrian crossing, not giving one shit that I was being bucketed down on, enjoying the music and the weather.

As I crossed the road and into the car park, I put my arms out to reach more of the rain. At some point then I began to giggle. And then laugh. And then cackle in the most obnoxious way, but I couldn’t stop. I almost didn’t want to go inside.

It was great. I got some weird looks, but it was worth it.

To add to that awesome moment, when I got in to the supermarket, the product I wanted had a ticket on it for $14. Half the usual price, and I don’t buy the product unless it’s on sale! At the register it scanned for the normal price, so I queried it, and as per the supermarket’s policy, got it free!

Then I missed the bus, but that was okay. By that point the wet clothes were starting to get way uncomfortable and spending an hour on buses was looking less and less appealing.

That’s me. I’m the girl pretending to fly and conduct an invisible band in the rain, and laughing to herself about it.