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Ghost Lights

‘However fast I dance to make the sun shine,
I will never fall down.
No matter what it takes,
I’ll try to save the ghost lights.’ — Woodkid, ‘Ghost Lights’.

Music has always been important to me, and through this blog I’ll be sharing various songs that have meaning for one reason or another. I collect these much like I collect words, each song having a particular riff or beat, or lyrical line that has inspired me in some way.

This one came up on my playlist today. I love listening to my music on shuffle. Forgotten treasures unearth themselves and take me back the places and times when they were last influential. This song reminds me of dancing around our quirky flat in Brisbane, both cats staring at me like I’d gone mad.

Poor boys. They never could handle my singing and dancing.

It’s a song about trying to save fading love, but that’s not how I interpret it. To me, Ghost Lights echoes the ┬ádetermination and effort that goes into making each day better than the last. The fight for just a little brightness when depression is so thick you can barely breathe through it.

However fast I dance, however much I have to force it, however much I have to push–I won’t give up. I might dance slower some days, but I won’t stop. I might falter, but I won’t fall. I’ll have a lot of bad days, but no matter what it takes–I’ll try to save what light I have, and grow it for tomorrow.

The tone of the song seems depressing, but for me it feels hopeful. It’s a promise to myself.

And no matter what it takes, I will try to save the ghost lights.